Available courses

Course image ASQ -3 ASQ:SE
PA Required Courses

This three hour recorded powerpoint presentation will fulfill the PA requirements.  

Score Andrews' ASQ 3, Louis's ASQ:SE2, and complete with scoring Marcus' ASQ and ASQ:SE and making recommendations

Course image Work Sampling/Ounce
PA Required Courses

This 2 hour overview of the Worksampling/Ounce systems will help with a general understanding of the components of both systems. 

Course image Supervising Children
PA Required Courses

This two hour course will look at the aspects of supervising children in both inside and outside environments.   

Course image CDA Introduction and Wrap up
Child Development Associate CDA
This checklist will let you know what you need to have ready for your CDA coursework and assessment.
Course image Infant Toddler - Understanding Social and Emotional Development

This 6 hour course looks at Infant/Toddler Social and Emotional development.   By understanding the development, strategies are incorporated to help our children reach their full potential.  

Course image Working with Angry Children
Enrolment on payment

More and more, it seems that we are dealing with angry children in the early childhood classroom.   This two hour course only touches the TIP of the iceberg with regards to this subject.   In this overview, you will obtain information about working with angry children, where some of this anger comes from and some ideas and resource about what to do. 

Course image Brain Rules for Babies

This 6 hours course discusses John Medina's book Brain Rules for Babies.

Each of the five areas for brain development will be discussed with an essay question about the implementation of these areas afterwards. 

At the completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate for 6 DPW hours in K1C101 - for Children Brain Development